Presentation of GAUT GUI (click on the pictures to enlarge them)

The IDE Window

The IDE is developped in eclipse enviroment.

Top level
Input is a C/C++ code.

The front-end (derivated from GCC) first checks the semantics and the syntax of your code and next creates a Control and Data Flow Graph (CDFG) representation.


Graphical display of the CDFG

After the compilation of the input source code, the graph allows you to visualize the control dependencies between Basick Blocks and the data dependencies inside each Basic Block in your specification. After the synthesis of the datapath, the Gantt diagram can be displayed. It allows to visualize the results of both the operation sheduling (execution dates) and binding (operator).

Graph viewer

Datapath and FSM of the architecture

After the RTL generation, the datapath and the finite state machine can be displayed.

FSM and DP viewer

Simulation window with the created testbench (running with ModelSim)

A testbench file is created in order to simulate the architecture with Modelsim from Mentor Graphics for example.


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