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GAUT is a free academic High-Level Synthesis tool.

Starting from a C/C++ input description and a set of synthesis options, GAUT automatically generates a hardware architecture composed of a controller and a datapath as well as memory and communication interfaces.

GAUT generates IEEE P1076 compliant RTL level VHDL and SystemC projects.

The VHDL files is an input for commercial, off the shelf, logical synthesis tools like Vivado from Xilinx or Design Compiler from Synopsys.

Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms are supported (32 or 64 bits).

GAUT is free downloadable !!!
You simply have to register, login and download

GAUT 3.0 overview video

GAUT at a glance

High Level Synthesis Tool

GAUT contact & website update: Philippe Coussy (gaut[at]listes.univ-ubs.fr).

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